Why should I use BUY-5 ?

BUY-5 will allow you to:
- Get access to a really big client files all around the world
- Rise your sales and increase your turnover
- Create a confident relationship with new clients

How much is it ?

This website is totally free!
BUY-5 is paid by customers, not by suppliers.

How to subscribe ?

Go on the homepage of the website and click on “Become supplier”.
Fill the form and wait for our email.
Confirm the link in your inbox and now you can be connected.

What terms & conditions for tenders ?

Most of the conditions will be noticed in the tenders.
For information, transport insurance will always be handled by our client, payment will be done in USD or EUR

Is your website secure ?

In order to secure as much as possible, payments will be done out of the website.
We will keep your information confidential and none of your data will be send to anyone. Our staff will call you directly to insure you.

Can we become premium supplier ?

If you succeed to win 3 tenders and you totally satisfy our client, you would become a premium supplier.
It will give you access to new requests which are not visible on the website.

How to become partners ?

We are always looking for great partners. Whether your organiszation sells products or services, send us a message via "Contact" and let us know how you think our companies can work together
We can pay our partners and in another case, we can study a country partnership WELCOME !

I am interested in using BUY-5 as a client, how does it work ?

We invite you to use the page “CONTACT” of our website. Our team will be in charge of telling you how to process to be referenced as our client.